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Who are we?

We are various companies that started in the Technology space [IT, Fintech, Greentech] that has received numerous accolades from global institutions such as the London Stock Exchange, Deloitte UK, PwC, ACCA Global, ICAEW, Etc … As at end of 2019, all the shares of these companies have been donated to the Foundation. Since then the Foundation has expanded its investments into creation of Green and Connected Buildings that provides “fixed income” to the foundation through rental revenue.




Mandy Smith OUR VISION is to leverage technology as a weapon to end
Poverty, Diseases and Climate Change.


The foundation operates as a Sustainable Business by ensuring that all four aspects of sustainability is embedded in its DNA. 

We ensure that all our businesses (Technology and Real Estate) are Profitable and Leaders in their markets as it is through their dividends we finance all our charitable initiatives.
We invest in businesses that are leaders in Green labels such as LEED or in Technology such as (IIoT, Big Data, Etc …) that Reduces the Carbon Footprint of their respective industry.
All our businesses are “Digitally Enabled” to ensure that their future-proofing walks hand in hand with profitability. It is an integral part of our “Forward Looking” & “Disruption” strategy.
Finally, the attributable profits of the Foundation’s businesses are channelled to our Social Start-Ups to assist the Poor and Disadvantaged people as well as Carbon negative enterprises.

Our Tech Start Ups


The “NanoCASH” Fintech platform provides micro-financing for women entrepreneurs and Single Moms is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2021. This digital MFI uses the Big Data Scoring Engines & RPA to provide unsecured micro-loans of up to US$ 100 on a 45 days period on an instant basis, [T&C applies]..


The Medtech platform accompanies any breast cancer patient from referral till remission. The services offered on the platform are free and in addition, the Foundation will pay for part of the hospital and medical bills if the patient is uninsured and/or unemployed. We plan to launch this service in the first quarter of 2021. [T&C applies].


The EC3 Greentech platform is already operational and supports “Asset Owners”, in the Real Estate sector to Predict, Optimise and Manage their operations in a using Industrial Internet of Things and Robotic Process Automation.The focus being on helping selected industries save financially and in terms of Carbon footprint as well.



Each time a potential client purchases Technology or Real estate products and services from Anglo African or BlaXand brands. The dividends flow to the Foundation which finances the Tech Start-Ups mentioned above by paying for the operational expenses, investments into platforms as well as providing seed capital to the different initiatives.


We are open to donations of a minimum of KUS$100 for the Single Moms Micro-Finance and Breast Cancer Remission Initiatives and we take the commitment that 100% of these funds will proceed directly to the projects and the donors will receive an independently audited statement from a Big4 firm on where and how their funds have been invested in.


Alternatively, one can invest KUS$50 into the specific projects, E.g. 1. Providing Seed Capital that will pay for Non Breast Cancer bills in terms of “Interest free loan” for persons with remission or 2. Providing funds to give unsecured micro-finance to disadvantaged people in areas where the Foundation is not currently focused on.

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